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Top 5 Must Do Activities in Bermuda

Famed for its idyllic pink sand and turquoise waters, Bermuda is bliss like none in the Caribbean. Bermuda is the perfect weekend itinerary to enjoy a family getaway since it is a short flight from the east coast. In addition, it is closer to North Carolina than the rest of the Caribbean. The 21-mile land stretch bustles with awe-inspiring destinations besides the picturesque beaches such as museums, shops, nature reserves, and restaurants. Here are five must-do activities while visiting the Island of Bermuda.

Bermuda Aquarium, Museum, and Zoo

Located in Flatts Village, the sprawling waterfront comprises three attractions; the aquarium, museum, and zoo. Visitors peruse the several tanks beaming with marine life. However, the most prominent is the 140,000 gallons North Rock tank, which denotes the buoyant local reef system. The North Rock tank is home to tuna, barracuda, sharks, groupers, parrotfish, and angelfish. Undoubtedly the best family itinerary on the Island, the trio of attractions brings smiles to kids vacationing on the Island.

A visit to the Natural History Museum will be one worth remembering. The museum is home to Bermuda’s marine biology exhibits, such as humpback whales, sea birds, and various fish. And for the final leg of this itinerary, take a stroll through the local zoo to spot a collection of rare species such as the golden lion tamarin monkey, roseate spoonbill wanders, and others.

Crystal and Fantasy Caves

Thought to be centuries of years old, the Crystal and Fantasy Caves were only discovered in 1901 by two Bermudian boys searching for a lost cricket ball. The pristine stagy formations towering over the clear lake make for some beautiful photo-ops on the Island. Visitors today can enjoy guided tours of these two ancient caves.

You will descend about 120 feet below ground for a rather memorable stroll in paradise. The Caves, following Mark Twain’s visit in 1908, gained prominence amongst the Island’s visitors.

Bermuda Arboretum

Enjoy a stroll in the wild along the illustrious walking paths on the 22-acre expanse of wildflower meadows and forests. The Arboretum is located inland in Devonshire and is managed by the Island’s Agriculture and Fisheries. The park was initially established with horticultural samples from the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew and others from Japan, Canada, and New Guinea.

The exquisite green reserve bustles with tall Bermuda cedars, robust palmetto, golden acacias, ebony, and avocado trees. The verdant park is also a sanctuary to some of the rarest bird species, such as the cardinals, bluebirds, kiskadees, and white-eyed vireo.

East End Art District

In 1612, St. George was a vital port during the American Revolutionary and Civil Wars, the first established town center. And this rich architectural and military background was the basis for earning a spot in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. St. George and the rest of East End offer some of the best outdoor activities on the Island.

Enjoy some wild recipes at any of the unique restaurants, tea shops, and cafes. Perhaps a visit to the famed Bermuda Memories, an art gallery on 9 Water Street in St George.

Enjoy the Island’s Tasty Dishes

For the ultimate vacation experience, try out some of the Island’s tasty cuisines. Bermudian food draws inspiration from all corners of the globe, which makes it all that interesting. In addition, the ample supply of fresh produce and seafood has bolstered chef ingenuity and proprietor dining concepts. To best experience the Island’s growing cuisine wave, consider doing a food tour.

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