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5 Relaxing Activities to Experience in Costa Rica

Updated: Apr 3

Known as a destination of natural beauty and unique wildlife, Costa Rica offers more than just adventurous activities. The focus here is on Pura Vida, or living the good life, so why not learn its secrets and enjoy a little relaxation along the way?

Here are five ways to experience relaxation when visiting Costa Rica.

Experience Coastal Bliss

A coastal vacation is a relaxing way to have fun and revive yourself at the same time. It can bring your family closer together and provide various activities for children and adults alike. Watch your kids snorkel as you enjoy the feel of the silky sand against your skin, or submerge yourselves together and seek out unique marine life.

In Nosara, head to the beach for a leisurely walk to the tide pools or rent a kayak. Enjoy incredible sunrises and sunsets, especially at Tamarindo Beach or the quieter Playa Avellana. There are also plenty of oceanfront hammocks to lull away the afternoons.

Soak in Thermal Hot Springs

Costa Rica's volcanic makeup is unique, and it includes many accessible all-natural thermal hot springs full of relaxing and therapeutic properties. Surround yourself with nature as you soak away the stress of days past in one of these unique locales.

Head for the town of La Fortuna and the Tabacón thermal hot springs. These mineral-rich springs are luxurious, offering 25 different pools with varying temperatures for you to choose from. For a more intimate experience, choose the smaller mineral-rich hot springs in Arenal.

Immerse Yourself in Nature

Costa Rica may be small, but within its borders lie 12 different climates, resulting in various opportunities to immerse yourself in nature. Venture to Monteverde in the central highlands and be surrounded by a lush rainforest full of fantastic flora and fauna. Take in views of volcanoes or seek out waterfalls.

Hiking in nature is another way to disconnect and unwind. Enjoy the sites surrounding you as you go to a waterfall, a hot spring, or back to your eco-lodge. See how much wildlife you can spot at the Manual Antonio National Park, with 100 mammal species and 200 bird species within its boundaries.

Enjoy Unique Spa Treatments or Yoga

For true Costa Rica relaxation, experience the ultimate pampering at one of the resorts throughout the country. Unique spa treatments abound from the coastal shores to deep in the rainforest. Choose a mud wrap, coconut oil, or volcanic stone massage, or an aromatherapy experience with locally grown vanilla.

Yoga is another way to relax your mind and body. Take a few classes or join a yoga retreat for a few days. You'll find these everywhere, from beach resorts to rainforest eco-lodges.

Experience the Culture and Food

While relaxing in Costa Rica, focus on learning about and experiencing the unique culture and food. The Costa Rican people are truly exceptional, with a mixture of Spanish colonial influence, indigenous origins, and splashes of other immigrant cultures. Enjoy learning about their artistic traditions and sway to the sounds of their uplifting music.

Enjoy refreshing jugos naturales, a popular drink made from fruits blended with water or milk. Try the various traditional Costa Rican dishes. With so many local fruits and vegetables, even your children won't turn up their noses to try new things.

Costa Rica offers plenty of options for you and your family to rest, reset, and recharge. Let me help you plan the perfect vacation to make it even more relaxing. You'll only have to determine what relaxation means to you, and I'll do the rest.

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