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New Cruise Ships for 2024

New Cruise Ships for 2024

December 24, 2023

Cruising into the Future: Spectacular New Ships of 2024

Get ready to set sail on an incredible sea adventure because I've got some exciting news for you. In 2024, a whole fleet of brand-new ships is hitting the waters, and they are stunning. These ships are all about luxury, adventure, and having a great time at sea. While we don’t cover every single new ship debuting in 2024, we've handpicked a selection of ships that we believe are truly exceptional and worth highlighting. So, without further ado, let me introduce you to the magnificent ships that will be making waves in 2024.

Royal Caribbean Icon of the Seas, the first ship in Royal Caribbean's Icon Class, is set to embark on her maiden voyage on January 27, 2024. She was handed over to Royal Caribbean on November 27, 2024, officially becoming the world's largest cruise ship. 

Royal Caribbean doesn’t stop with just one ship a year.  Its last Oasis Class ship, Utopia of the Seas, is set to debut in July of this year.  This ship is unique to Oasis class because she'll only offer 3- and 4-night cruises to The Bahamas during her inaugural season from Port Canaveral, Florida.


Princess is not to be left out with the Sun Princess, the first of the line's Sphere-class ships, is joining the party in February 2024. Princess historically has appealed to older adults without children.  Sun Princess is changing the game.  It will have some thrills to entice the most adventurous adults and kids! Park19 will have nine engaging activities for all ages, including the Sea Breeze, the first rollglider at sea.

In December 2024, the Disney Treasure, a sister ship to Disney Wish, sets sail with an Aladdin theme.  New venues onboard the ship include interactive dining experiences, a sweet shop inspired from the move Zootopia and adults-only lounges that are based on Disney theme park attractions.

AmaWaterways has 3 new ships, AmaMagdalena, that will sail a brand-new itinerary along the Magdalene River in Colombia starting in March. In June, her sister ship, the AmaMelodia will debut and join her on the Magdalene River. These ships will welcome 60-64 guests for an itimate river cruise experience. The AmaLilia will debut in 2024 for Nile River sailings.

And let's not forget about the Carnival Jubilee. This ship made a grand entrance to its home port in Galveston, Texas just a few days ago.

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