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Unleashing Adventure: Exploring Diverse Vacation Types for Unforgettable Family Trips

Multigenerational trips are back and better than ever. Families are booking big trips together to make up for lost time, whether it’s a long-dreamt-of African safari or an idyllic island resort respite in the Caribbean. If you have a milestone event or a bucket-list family experience in mind, there are more options than ever.

Cruise into Memories

If this is one of the first times you’ll be pulling together multiple generations into one vacation, consider taking to the water. A river or ocean cruise allows your extended family to reach multiple destinations while having to unpack and repack just once. What’s more, you’ll have plenty of choices, from activity-packed mega-ships to quieter, more immersive river-cruising vessels.

Mega-Ships for Mega Fun

Whatever size and personality your family is, ocean-going mega-ships seek to satisfy. Thrill-seeking teens can woosh down waterslides and dance to DJ-spun tunes at their own nightclubs. Younger kiddos can make art, play games, and splash in the pool with their family or even with their own dedicated kids’ club (freeing up parents and grandparents for more sophisticated fun for a few hours - spa time, anyone?). When the right ship is chosen (and we can help with that!), there’s truly something for everyone.

River Cruising for New Horizons

Particularly ideal for families with older children, especially those who might love castles and history, river cruises make it simple to get on and off the ship in fascinating, new-to-you destinations. The view out your window changes daily, and there are insightful shore excursions available that cater to varying levels of mobility and interest. Care to stay on the ship and enjoy a relaxing day and some good food? That’s always an option. River cruising in Europe also offers an excellent chance for older generations to share genealogy lessons with younger family members. Uncle Phil may regale everyone with tales of WWII as you visit the beaches of Normandy. Or, Grandma may surprise everyone with her wine knowledge during a tasting in the Alsace countryside.

All-Inclusive Resorts for The Good Life

An all-inclusive resort is akin to a mega-ship ocean cruise … on land. Everything you need is in one place, with no nickel and dining for extras, and again, you only need to unpack and repack once. This is a fantastic option for families simply wanting to focus on the good life without packing in a lot of sightseeing. There are countless family-friendly all-inclusive options, whether you’re thinking tropical, like the Caribbean or Mexico, or the American West, like Utah or Colorado. Those who want to stay active find plenty of options to do so, from snorkeling to skiing, depending on your location, while those who want to relax can lounge on the sand, soak in the hot tub and join everyone for dinner later to share stories from a great day.

Guided Tours for Insights & Adventures

Guided tours, almost anywhere in the world, offer more adventurous families the opportunity to seek new horizons, but with all the logistical details taken care of. Many also have all, or most, meals included, taking food planning out of the equation. Perhaps it’s a tour of Thailand, with the chance to try exotic street food delicacies or take a Thai cooking lesson, or a fully guided safari in Kenya, or a cycling and inn-to-inn tour in Norway. The guided tour playing field is vast and there’s something for practically every interest and activity level, and often, multiple levels within one guided tour. Take a hiking trip, for example - there may be a nature walk best for older relatives and younger kids, but also the option for a 7-mile trek on the same day, but everyone meets back at the lodge later to recap their adventures.

Travel is a window to the world for all of us, from the youngest child to the oldest member of your family. As our kids become more curious about the world, it’s a great time to capitalize on their expanding minds alongside those members of the family who have had different life experiences. It’s also a chance to unplug and reconnect, allowing time for spontaneous moments that make life-long memories.

The destinations for multigenerational trips are endless for cruising, guided tours and all-inclusive resorts. We’d love to meet your family and hear what you’re seeking so we can help guide you in the right direction. Let’s chat!

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