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The Solgaard Carry-On and Check-In Closet Suitcases

Updated: Sep 3, 2023

When it comes to choosing the perfect travel luggage, there are countless options out there. I started looking mainly to find a suitable carry-on bag for Icelandair with slightly smaller than average dimensions for carry-on luggage. But I also wanted something that combined style, functionality, and sustainability for my European adventure. I researched tons of bags and stumbled upon the Solgaard brand. At first, I felt the price was out of my comfort range for luggage. But the more I reviewed it, the more I felt it was worth its value in cost. I purchased the medium-size carry-on as well as the large check-in in purple. And my husband, in his true FOMO fashion, couldn't be left out and got the same sizes in green.

At first glance, these suitcases exude elegance and modernity. Their sleek design and attention to detail immediately caught my eye. But it's not just about looks – it's about what lies beneath the surface. Solgaard luggage offers a unique way to organize my outfits by hanging them up. It's like having a mini wardrobe in my suitcase.


Beyond its closet system, the Solgaard luggage boasts a plethora of convenient features. The bags come with spacious compartments and handy organizers that make packing a breeze. With this luggage, everything has its designated spot, ensuring optimal organization and easy access during your travels.

I especially appreciate the fact that closes by a latch and not a zipper. That’s the first thing that always goes on my luggage. Either the zipper itself breaks or, one by one, the zipper pulls magically disappear after a trip. It also has a USB port in the carry-on bag only to add a batter pack and charge your devices.


As a travel enthusiast, I genuinely appreciate brands that prioritize sustainability. Solgaard, with its commitment to eco-friendly practices, aligns perfectly with my values. The luggage is made from recycled ocean plastic, taking a step towards reducing our ecological footprint. This combination of style and sustainability is a winning formula.

No More Packing Cubes (well, at least for now)

I must admit, I was a bit hesitant to try the Solgaard luggage at first. Having been a fan of packing cubes for years, the idea of switching to a closet system felt like a bold move. My first thought was, how can I make my packing cubes work with this? However, curiosity got the better of me, and I decided to try it.

With my Solgaard suitcases in hand, I'm eagerly counting down the days until my European adventure. I can't wait to put this innovative luggage system to the test and experience the convenience it promises.

Stay tuned for updates on my European journey and to find out how this luggage and packing system worked for me.

Are you ready to start packing for your next adventure? Let's chat.

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