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The Benefits of Traveling with Family

Getting away on vacation with the family provides a bonding experience that just cannot be replicated at home. Whether your family is young or old, big or small, immediate or extended, a trip with your loved ones provides wonderful, lasting memories you can reminisce about for years to come.

But there's more to a good family vacation than making new memories together. The benefits of traveling with your family are many. From stress reduction to better productivity at work to even making your kids smarter (yes, it's true), there's no reason why you shouldn't consider getting away with the family regularly.

An Excellent Stress Reducer

Let's face it. When adults come home from a stressful day at work, they often bring the stress home with them. And that tends to affect the entire family. Children are more negatively affected than you might think when breadwinners are stressed out after a

tough day. This has consequences for all involved. It translates into the parents having less bandwidth to respond to the kids' needs at the end of the day. Taking time out for a stress-free vacation has a surprising effect on families' overall well-being. And when parents take more time to spend with their kids, those little ones always thrive.

Traveling with Family Increases the Bonding Experience

Especially today, the average family downtime means staring at a television or computer screen. And while you may be together, you're not actually spending time conversing and sharing with each other. Travel and a good vacation can remedy this modern ailment.

It enables you to spend quality time together, whether that's visiting a national park, sharing a family meal at a restaurant, or going on a city walking tour together. Going on vacation together frees everyone from the daily distractions of life. The possibilities for genuine family time while traveling are endless. And this increases the bonding experience with parents, grandparents, and extended family alike.

Traveling with Young Children

For families with small children, this is an especially wonderful time to travel to a faraway place. It will open the youngster's eyes to a whole new world, with new sights and sounds, and possibly even whetting their appetite for future travel. Studies show that kids who

travel more tend to grow up smarter and even score higher on academic tests. Travel gives young people real-world experiences they cannot have at home, and certainly not in the classroom.

Experiences Over Possessions

While many families remain home-bound due to lack of finances, it behooves the average family to find ways to overcome this and take that needed vacation away from home. Instead of the latest toy or gadget, why not give the gift of travel to your family members? In

the end, the memories of travel will last a lifetime. They will far outweigh that toy that will inevitably wear out or that electronic wonder that will indeed become obsolete.

I help families of all sizes choose and plan vacations to tropical and exotic destinations (or anywhere else your heart desires) to fit your family’s travel style. Reach out to me so I can plan yours!

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