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Family Fun Beyond the Beach in Fiji: Spend a Day at Kula Wild Adventure Park

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

We know, we know - if you’re vacationing in Fiji, it’s going to be difficult to draw you away from the white-sand beach and turquoise sea. For a well-rounded Fijian experience, however, we urge you to take advantage of what else this glorious island has to offer. Case in point: Kula Wild Adventure Park. What is it and why should you go? Read on …

What Is Kula Wild Adventure Park?

This fantastic park is set on the island of Viti Levu, where it was originally a small, often overlooked wildlife facility. In 1997, the park was transformed into a fantastic, family-friendly adventure park where visitors can experience the activities and wildlife for which the region is known.

Walk along elevated boardwalks from the valley floor to the forest canopy, feeling the nature around you with all of your senses. Shoot down the jungle waterslide. Ride Fiji’s only roller coaster zip rail.

Within the 28-acre property, with 12 of those acres being coastal forest that is open to visitors, you’ll find huge walk-through enclosures that put you right in the same habitat as parrots, doves, water birds and reptiles. Check out marine displays of sea turtles, coral and rainbow-hued tropical fish.

What Is Kula Wild Adventure Park Doing to Help Wildlife?

The eco park is privately owned, but makes it a priority to work with national and international organizations to ensure safe captive breeding and educational initiatives for local school children and visitors alike. Their partners include The National Trust for Fiji Islands, The Zoo and Aquarium Association of Australia & New Zealand, the Taronga Zoo in Sydney, the San Diego Wildlife Park, the Parks Board of New South Wales and the Royal Zoological Society of South Australia, of which they are an honorary associate.

What Can I Do at Kula Wild Adventure Park?

So much! Kids and adults alike love getting into the spirit of the jungle here in the lush forests and coastline of Viti Levu. Don’t miss:

Splash Mountain Jungle Water Slide: This fun, open-air water slide, at more than 320 feet long and almost 50 feet high, rushes you down hill, around trees, across a river and into a swimming pool for an epic adventure. It’s a bit like riding your own waterfall!

Kula Kiddies’ Splash Pool: Excite the littlest members of your group with this area designed just for them, complete with water slides, dump buckets and a shallow splash pool.

Sea Turtle Feedings: You won’t soon forget the interaction you had with young Hawksbill turtles in Fiji. They’re hand fed three times a day - and you can help! Just head to the Turtle Reef Pool and meet up with the expert park rangers to help support these baby turtles, who will ultimately be released back into the ocean.

Animal Interaction: Sea turtles aren’t the only creature you’ll meet up close today. Hold a Pacific boa, and feel how smooth and silky its skin is. Giggle at a banded iguana as it sits in the palm of your hand.

Coral Displays: Get excited for snorkeling when you view these four large display tanks full of small and large polyp corals, anemones, tropical fish and more. The marine life support technicians hand feed or filter feed the individual corals and coral colonies, many of which need solid food daily, just like other marine life.

Commune with Island Animal Life: From bats to Kula birds, herons to iguana, Fiji’s fauna are on display at the Kula Wild Adventure Park. This park is the only captive breeding center for Fiji’s endangered species, and has bred and released more than 50 Monuriki Crested Iguanas. Check out the animals as you walk through the forest, then keep an eye out at your resort for these little guys in the wild.

Add these special, first-hand wildlife encounters to your Fiji trip, making your experience in the region more authentic and personal. Let’s chat.

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