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7 Reasons Why You’ll Love Group Travel

Want to know how to unlock the secrets of your next travel destination? Travel by small group! This immersive and insightful mode of travel gives you the space you crave, but with the independence you seek. There are small-group travel options for all ages, interests and travel styles. Here’s why we love it and we think you will, too.

1. Group Travel Saves Time

If you’re short on vacation time and want to maximize your sightseeing, a small group tour is the way to go. The travel company is expert at arranging all the details for you, from hotels and flights, to transportation and some meals. No need to spend your time going down the rabbit hole reading reviews on your phone. Your experienced guides have done the legwork for you.

2. Tour Operators Are Destination Experts

The best tour operators (I can help you sort these out) have an incredible depth of knowledge about the destinations they visit. They’re passionate about these places and about showing the best of them to you. They’ve tested out their itineraries, tweaked them and come up with a carefully curated experience that will ensure you’re getting the most out of a new place. Plus, they have vast connections in each city or country they visit, whether it’s how to get into a museum after hours or a special dinner reservation at an intimate family-run restaurant.

3. It May Be More Affordable Than You Expected

You might think that exclusive, small-group travel can get pricey, but think again. Your dollars will add up quickly as you try to arrange the transportation, hotels, dinners, sightseeing tours, and more that will inevitably be part of your vacation. Your tour operator gets efficiency in numbers, securing better pricing for booking in larger numbers at hotels, on flights, etc.

4. You Can Visit Places You Never Thought You Would

If you’ve long dreamt of visiting a far-flung spot such as the Galapagos, Antarctica or Machu Picchu, but haven’t had the motivation to try to plan a trip there on your own … enter the group tour operator. These are the folks who can take you on night safaris in Botswana, into traditional ryokans for a kaiseki lunch in Japan, to the Sphinx in Egypt up close and through the local markets of Morocco, teaching you how best to haggle.

5. You’ll Feel Safe and Secure

While there are myriad benefits to traveling solo, when you travel as a group you’ll feel a sense of security wherever you are. There’s always someone there to answer questions, make a recommendation or simply chat with. Particularly if you’re older, or traveling with children, or don’t speak a foreign language, group travel is the way to go.

6. Your Travel May Help the World

Many reputable tour operators are making it a point to employ local individuals and businesses in an effort to support the communities they visit. You can rest assured that some of the money you spend to visit these areas will remain in that local economy. What’s more, some group travel operators offer volunteer programs where you can visit and work with local residents in schools, with native wildlife, etc.

7. Most Importantly, You’ll Have an Expert in Your Back Pocket.

Just like a solid travel advisor who helps you choose a good tour operator, the best tour companies provide a solid leader who will help ensure that your trip runs smoothly. From pre-trip discussions and departure materials, through every step along the way, until your return home, you’ll know you have someone looking out for you and available 24/7.

Savvy travelers, like you, have come to love group travel for these and so many other reasons. Gone are the standard motorcoach tours of the past. Today’s group travel is for those who want authentic experiences in the world’s most beautiful places, but would benefit from having an expert do the legwork of planning. Let’s chat about this convenient, fun way to see more of the world!

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