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Are you the unofficial, unpaid, overworked, order-taking family travel agent? 

I help families of all sizes plan vacations to tropical, exotic destinations and anywhere your heart desires, matching experiences with their unique travel style.

Family vacations are a time to create legacies 

Planning and research for an immediate family vacation can be overwhelming, confusing, and stressful.  Much more so when coordinating with family in different time zones, with different needs, and individual preferences. 


Just because family vacations are complicated with lots of moving parts and so many opinions, it doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be fun and exciting for every single family member.

As the caretaker of your family, you should be able to sit back, relax and enjoy all of the love and hard work you put into taking care of everyone else, and reap the rewards of a perfectly planned vacation.


I create one cohesive travel plan, all the while, ensuring each individual family member’s travel needs are met.

There is nothing more precious than sharing laughs, celebrating milestones, and making new memories with the ones closest to you. You never know what tomorrow will bring, don’t wait to make that family vacation dream a reality. 


10 Stunning Destinations for Family Travel in 2024 

Where in the world should your family go this year? 


With a world of options, how can you narrow it down? Whether your special people thirst for white-sand beaches, cosmopolitan city culture, or rugged outdoor activities, these family-friendly destinations check all the boxes. 

 Family Travel Planning Made Easy


You are passionate about your family’s vacations, and they have to be perfect. I couldn’t agree more, but I also understand that you want to share in the fun of planning your trip. I will listen to your needs intently and collaborate with you to create a family vacation that you’ll love.


 Your family deserves the full VIP experience, and I make that happen by building in a little tailor-made magic into every step of your vacation experience. I seek out resorts and tour companies that cater specifically to families and groups with varying needs and understand the importance of creating a lasting impression on our guests.


Traveling with family can be complicated, and the last thing you need to worry about is dealing with inadequate customer service when it comes to fixing issues. I am here to anticipate your needs, streamline the planning process, and be on stand-by with creative solutions should you need guidance along the way.

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Cruise Vacations
Special Occasions

Let a Family Planning Expert Help You Bring Joy and Excitement to Your Next Vacation 

Hi there, I’m Monica Martin, founder of Blue Fusion Travel.


As a mother, grandmother, and caretaker of my family, I understand the complexities and patience it takes to sit down, listen to family members, and make sure everyone gets what they want out of their vacation. I founded Blue Fusion Travel to help alleviate the stress and overwhelm that comes with planning family vacations.

According to leading travel publications, less than 50% of families in the United States is taking annual family vacations. The number is even less for multi-generational families and there are a few reasons for that. The biggest obstacle is the coordination of time for every family member. Grandma may be retired, but mom and dad have limited vacation time, and the kids are in school with busy extracurricular activities. 

This crunch for time means you and your family deserve the very best out of your vacation. 

And time isn’t just a hot commodity when you’re on vacation, you have a million other tasks and responsibilities in your life, planning a vacation shouldn’t feel like another burden. My all-inclusive travel planning service has you covered. I take care of every need from flight, hotel, tour, and transport arrangements, to working with you on creating fun, tailor-made experiences your family will thank you for later. 

I look forward to helping you connect, unwind and enjoy your time together as a family. 

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